Tips on how to wear nude lipstick for women of color!

tips on how to wear nude lipstick for women of color

The classic nude lip is a trend that isn’t about to fade out anytime soon; It is the easiest way to fake effortless beauty but is also on the long list of black girl beauty struggle, finding the perfect nude lipstick can be quite a daunting task. You either end up picking one that makes your lips look ashy, pale or one that turns out to be too dark for your skin-tone, washing out your complexion but fear not ladies because with the right tips and tricks, you can be able to comfortably rock a flattering nude lip.

Tip #1: Understand your undertone

    Understand your undertone


Understanding your natural undertone will help you in selecting nude lipsticks that work for you. When it comes to makeup, your undertones help to accentuate your natural features. You can have the same skin color as someone but different undertones; this explains why your friend’s nude lipstick may not work for you. Most women with darker complexion tend to fall under yellow/golden or red which are warm undertones, always keep your undertone in mind when selecting nude lipsticks or testing out makeup as a whole.

Tip #2: Dab some foundation or concealer on your lips

Dab some foundation or concealer on your lips

This tip will not only help your lipstick last much longer but also creates a perfect even-tone color which is especially important if you have some discoloration on your lips. Applying foundation or concealer ensures that your natural lip color will not peek through the lipstick.

Tip #3: Use a lip liner

Use a lipliner

The main reason why most dark skinned women can’t seem to find a perfect nude lipstick is because of not using a proper lip-liner underneath the nude lippie. Almost any nude lipstick can work for anyone if you have the right lip liner. Lip liners are not just good for outlining your lips; they also act as a great neutralizer for your nude lipsticks helping them blend in better. A brown or flesh tone lip liner should be a necessity in every woman’s makeup kit; some nude lipsticks may look too overbearing but paired with the right lip liner, they can tone down the lipstick and create a completely different look.

Tip #4: Wear a Lipgloss over your nude lip

Wear a lipgloss over your nude lip

I especially love the look of a nude lipstick with lip-gloss on top, the shine of the gloss adds some dimension to the color helping it stand out a bit more so if you wear a nude lip and notice that it looks quite flat against your skin, you can simply go over it with lip-gloss to bring back some life to your lips.

PS: The best nude lipstick color should be between your skin tone and your natural lip shade, you want something that matches your natural lip color but is slightly enhanced to add depth and intensity to your pout.


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