Makeup is a powerful tool with endless possibilities for creativity. Whether to cover an imperfection or to bring back the loss of glow to our skin, We are determined to makeover and educate women to put their best face forward. I believe when we feel more comfortable with our appearance we are more confident in ourselves and have a more positive outlook.

Kanai beauties is devoted to helping women feel good and look beautiful. We are professional and friendly, we try  to understand the customer’s perspective and keep them informed at all times.

We provide quality services, professional make up application and makeup lessons to clients at an affordable price.

Our business goal is to exceed client expectations by understanding and focusing on our client’s needs. The makeup applications will allow our client’s inner beauty to shine through, as well as their renewed confidence.

We  provide makeovers and lessons at a competitive rate, without compromising quality, professionalism or integrity. We exist to build self esteem, confidence and touch lives.